Monday, November 12, 2007


Whenever Zephyrus is handed out, there is an exciting buzz in the hallways of the high school. In this issue there is a letter to the editor complaining about an article in the first issue called "Nice... shirt." The letter to the article expressed the readers disgust of the sexist words usued in this article.
"Nice... shirt" was written in a way that objectified women. The author, a sophmore, wrote about the way guys look for in a girl, and according to the article guys look for girls who are "5'3 and a 32C." Which is offensive to a lot of people, not just females. The letter to the editor covers most of the feelings that readers of the article "Nice...shirt" had. What is really appalling is the response that Zephyrus gave to the letter.
In the response to the letter, Zephyrus's arguement was that, although they were sorry to have hurt readers feelings, they say that it gave a "realistic perspective" of how high school guys view females. Also, they responded that objectification of women is very common, and is how our society views women. Is this response suppose to get readers to continue reading Zephyrus? By saying it is okay to write it because its the way people view women. Zephyrus is a great paper, but may have to get better ethics.

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Mr. Hatten said...

Your analysis of the letter to the editor issue is passionate and demonstrates many a knowledge of some of the concepts we've discussed in class. However, I am looking for a more in-depth analysis of more of the paper with specific details and relation to the standards we've studied. For instance, you say the story was unethical, but don't say what journalism standard makes it unethical.