Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Why We Have to Hold it: The Bathroom situation at Edina High School

Last year Edina Senior High School was fortunate to improve their facilities. One of the nice improvements to Edina High was the bathrooms located near the new Performing Arts Theatre. These bathrooms are very nice, but there is just one problem, they're locked during the school day. Can you believe it? The sad part is that the next closest bathrooms are about three hallways down from these nice, new, convient bathrooms. So instead of having a bathroom just down the hall from you, you have to high-tail it all the way to Fick Auditorium, the old theatre, in order to be on time for class to start. Yeah I know there is a seven minute passing time, but if you have a class on the other side of the school it is next to impossible to be on time for that class that is by those nice, new bathrooms. It also doesn't help us students that if we are tardy three times a quater we get detention. So why not just let us use the bathrooms near the new theatre, and save us the hassle of being late to class taking away our time to learn.


Mr. Hatten said...

Annie: Nice job on the blog. I see you've experimented with your profile a bit -- that's cool. I can't agree with you more about these bathrooms. Hopefully things will get changed soon.

mn girl said...

ANNNNIIIIEE! i totally agree with you! i was just talking to my mom about this! i seriously have to hold it in until lunch! haha! they need to change it asap!

p.s. i love your pic of your dog!

Dallas said...

Annie: Your profile looks great, your journal is really good and very true. I liked how you involved the audience by asking questions. Good Work, and nice pic.